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Any visitor to the site can “react” to a review by clicking on one of the buttons below a photo - love, like, haha, wow, dislike. Clicking on a reaction button for the selected reaction will unselect it. You may also double-click a review’s photo to “love” it - it works the same as the button.

The share button allows anyone to share the review by email or on popular social media platforms.

Your review will be available to anyone that visits Rack Reviews (without having to log in). And anyone that sees it on Rack Reviews can “like” it (reactions). As a reviewer, you will be able to view the total number of reactions for all of your submitted reviews in a dashboard - just click on “My Reviews” in the nav bar.

In the future, more features will be added for reviewers:

  • “Rack” up points by submitting reviews and getting reactions to receive badges and rewards!
  • Get more stats including how your reviews rank compared to other reviewers
  • Optionally receive periodic emails with your review stats

Within a few minutes, you should receive an email confirming your submission. All reviews are moderated to ensure they meet Rack Reviews Content Guidelines described in the Terms of Service (see FAQ about moderation for more information about that process). It can take up to a couple of business days to moderate a review, but it will be done as soon as possible. Upon completing moderation, you will receive an email letting you know if it was approved or not. If approved, the email will include a link to view the review.

All reviews are moderated before being published. We use the power of human “natural intelligence” to screen every review to ensure the photo and text adhere to the policies of Rack Reviews. During this process, the photo may be cropped and redacted (areas are pixelated) to comply with Rack Reviews Content Guidelines.

Rack Reviews is extremely grateful for the time and effort to submit a review. Unfortunately, Rack Reviews may find that it doesn't meet its policies and will not publish the review. While the specific reason cannot be provided, you may refer to the Terms of Service.

Currently, reviews cannot be edited if not approved, but you may submit a new review.