About Rack Reviews

Rack Reviews was created to allow anyone to provide unbiased reviews of restaurants and bars with more lenient restrictions than other review platforms, while also requiring a photo.

Rack Reviews means to provide quality reviews that always include a rating, descriptive comment and relevant photo. The reviews are moderated to ensure they are not offensive and meet guidelines that allow them to be shared with third party review platforms.

Please be patient and understanding.

Rack Reviews just launched and you may encounter some technical issues and it may take some extra time for reviews to be published and requests to be addressed.


  • Provide helpful reviews of places and products for consumers. Initially, this will only include bars and restaurants, but other types will be added in the future.
  • Allow everyone to react to reviews with with a "like" without requiring a login.
  • Allow reviews or its photo to be shared by visitors and reposted on third party sites.

Core Principles

  • Help ensure that reviews are relevant and without bias.
  • Respect the privacy of all users, including reviewers and visitors.
  • Ensure that the use of Rack Reviews is legal and conforms with its Terms of Service.
Important Notes
  • Rack Reviews is independently owned and operated. It is in no way affiliated or influenced by any other entity, including, but not limited to the places being reviewed or advertisers. Rack Reviews on LinkedIn